AFV 432

History of the AFV 432

The FV432 was designed to be the armoured personnel carrier in the FV430 series. Production started in 1962 by GKN Sankey and ended in 1971 giving approximately three thousand vehicles.

AFV 432 1With the introduction into service of the first fv432 in 1963, the British Army received its first purpose built, fully tracked armoured personnel carrier. It was designed to replace the Saracen 6×6 wheeled APC, and by extension the Humber ‘Pig’ 4×4 wheeled APC. These two vehicles, however, remained in service in the internal security role. Around 3000 of the fv432 family were built and many remain in service to date, although more in supporting roles with the advent of more up to date designs such as the Warrior and CVR (T) series. Continue reading

Saint Barbara

The Legend

According to legend, Saint Barbara was the extremely beautiful daughter of a wealthy heathen named Dioscorus, wholived near Saint Barbara2Nicomedia in Asia Minor. Because of her singular beauty and fearful that she be demanded in marriage and taken away from him, he jealously shut her up in a tower to protect her from the outside world. Continue reading

Royal Artillery