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For centuries, the British soldier had to contend with being paid badly and late. The responsibility had fallen to individual regiments.

The colonels, for whom their regiment was virtually a personal estate, engaged clerks and agents to handle regimental pay and finance. Some were inevitably more efficient than others. During the famous retreat to Corunna,

under Major General Sir John Moore, the casks of dollars that held the regimental pay were thrown over a precipice in order to tempt the advancing French soldiers to go after the pay rather than after the British Army.




The MGM-52 Lance was a mobile field artillery tactical surface-to-surface missile (SRBM) system used to provide battlefield tactical nuclear support.

The first Lance missiles were deployed in 1972, replacing the earlier Honest John rocket and Sergeant SRBM ballistic missile, greatly reducing the weight and bulk of thesystem, while improving both accuracy and mobility.e both nuclear and conventional fire support. The missile's warhead was developed at Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory in the United States.


15 Battery




The Battery was formed at Woolwich on 1st April 1757, and following the custom of being named after the Battery Commander was called T. Smith's Company. In the 18th Century war against France, the Battery was split up into detachments and served in Naval Bomb Ships. A detachment took part in raids on the French coast at St Malo, Granville, Le Harve and Cherbourg and a detachment also took part in the capture of Guadeloupe in the West Indies.  In 1782 the Battery served with distinction in the epic siege of Minorca.


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